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so I tried semi realism for once



Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer


he’s really feeling it

Anonymous whispered: do you happen to have a handy dandy guide for making Cucumber Quest OCs?

I literally can’t stop drawing these!

awesome sprites by thatsplicingadventure

i really hope cynthia is going to use a mega garchomp in a future installment

I really wish fusion was a thing in the games

awesome sprites by thatsplicingadventure

i need like four of those

quick flora doodle

so I started watching Wakfu again and I just realized how much I actually missed this show haha

"Riki’s Sidekicks do good!"
"SIDEKICKS!?… Well… whatever makes you happy!"

I’m really enjoying Chuggaaconroy’s let’s play of Xenoblade Chronicles

So far Riki is my favourite character!

tried a new brush this time

I really enjoy Mako being a dork in season 3


i like what they’re doing with mako’s character

return of the king

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