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so I started watching Wakfu again and I just realized how much I actually missed this show haha

"Riki’s Sidekicks do good!"
"SIDEKICKS!?… Well… whatever makes you happy!"

I’m really enjoying Chuggaaconroy’s let’s play of Xenoblade Chronicles

So far Riki is my favourite character!

tried a new brush this time

I really enjoy Mako being a dork in season 3


i like what they’re doing with mako’s character

return of the king

Persona 4 Week - Day 6 - AU

AU where Personas are replaced by Pokémon

Persona 4 Week - Day 5 - I am a Shadow

shows up late to day 5 with starbucks

Persona 4 Week - Day 4 - Favourite Pairing

had to choose those three adorable dorks

Persona 4 Week - Day 3 - Favourite NPC S-Link

cabbage trash.

track name: Luigi's Ballad
artist: Starbomb
album: Starbomb
play count: 24869


luigi’s ballad // starbomb

i’m ready to give love a shot
it’s not about how many coins you got
i just know i like you a lot

Persona 4 Week - Day 2 - Shuffle Time

P4 protagonist in P3 protagonist clothes aka I hope doodles are okay

Persona 4 Week - Day 1 - Favourite Character(s)

I just couldn’t decide okay ;___;

i can’t believe that i never drew anything ac related before



"The Lolishotashipping fandom needs more loooveeee."

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