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TOMB RAIDER 2013: a summary

I still haven’t caught Mewtwo in X yet…

thank you so much for 100+ followers guys!

i never thought so many people might be interested in my crap haha

god i’m bored

it’s been a long time since i drew something original

what am i even doing with my life

by starry-night-skye

i’m so s orry

I’ve been playing way too much Persona 4 lately haha



someone who hasn’t watched kill la kill explain this

kyary pamu pamu is attacking a young bowl cut hunchback while a wild gargoyle bat nyooms into another  dimension in a weak  attempt to  save the hunchback to take him back to notre dame

play count: 9469


look how silly this is! oh my god? you have to like do— oh. oh, oooh. oh. oh, oh, oooh. ooooooooOOOOO. ooooka— arin, don’t leave..! arin doNT— aaaaAAARIIIIInnn, I LOVE OYOOOOOO— NO, IM FUCKIGN DONE!!!!  IM F UCKING DONE!! no youre not! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!! im gonn a c— THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! wh i cant— i C ANT  C GET OFF!! WHAT IS TH IS ?!?!??!??I CA NT GET OFF!!!! WH AT IS THIS??!????? IM STUCK!! WHAT IS M Y LIFE?? ahhAaAHHA— I CAN T DO IT , JOn>. I CANT EeE— I CANT FUCKIGN D O IT., I TELL YOU W H AT ARIN, YOU CAN G I VE UP NOW, OR YOU CAN sEE IT OUt, BECAUSE I CERTIANLY CANT DO IT WITHOUT YOU, AND I KNOW YOU CANT DO IT WITHOTU ME .i appreciate it, BUT LOOK AT  WH AT WE’RE DEALING WITH MAN!!!ahha„ ARin-YOU GOTTA DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE!! YOU  GOTTA DRAW THE F UCKING LINE IN THE SAND, DUDE., WE GOTTA MAKE A STATEMENT. YOU GOOTA LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF A ND SAY,WWHAT AM I WILLING TO PUT UP WITH TODAY?? NOT FUCKING TH IS!!!!!! AaaaAAAA  IM S U P ERMAN I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!! I BE LE ei eve, arin that was a beautiful little moment we just had. i think a both of us got a little heated? —a aaahh…— and we should apologize to each other. its because we’re in a lava stage, dude. —yUO JUST COME BA CK ALL CALM ‘its because we’re in a lava stage, dude.’ that was beautiful, arin, that was like poetry.


Persona Q coming to U.S. this fall ⊟

Atlus announced four Persona games for North America today!

  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS) - fall 2014
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3/Xbox 360)- fall 2014
  • Persona 4: Dancing All Night (PS Vita) - 2015
  • Persona 5 (PlayStation 3) - 2015

The one we care most about, though, is Persona Q, the Etrian Odyssey-esque dungeon crawler starring characters from Persona 3 and 4. English trailer and description after the break:

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I wanted to start a ‘30-day-pokemon-challenge’ but I got lazy and only finished the’what’s-your-favourite-starter-type’ picture. yup.

Everytime I want to draw something Persona related I mysteriously end up doodling yosuke…?

happy valentines day i guess

man i fucking love sonic’s new design


Hey guys if you’re having a bad day here’s egoraptor being confused by a bird.

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